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30-seater coaster :

Description: 30-seater coaster rental in Dubai

For a group of up to 29 people, a 30-seater coaster bus rental in Dubai, United Arab Emirates is the perfect option. In Dubai, coaster buses are frequently utilized for large families or groups of individuals. We rent out 30 Seat Coaster Buses daily and weekly in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, mostly for guest transportation, visitor transportation, and family transportation. We are the top provider of 30-seater coaster buses in Dubai and Sharjah, and we rent them out regularly around the UAE with trained drivers.

Hire a 30-seat Coaster Bus with a driver program in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The best option for guest transportation, and the best family transportation in Dubai, or Abu Dhabi, Our bus is also equipped with an emergency first Aid Kit. The main target area of Toyota coaster rental is staff picks and drop-off city-to-city transfer, airport transfer, and events and exhibitions. It is also used by corporate staff for their meeting with clients, events celebrations and lunch and dinner organized for their staff on special occasions. 

If you are a small number of the group up to 23 people and want to explore UAE, 30-seater coaster rentals are the best option for you. It is less in cost and very comfortable to complete your journey with good moments. By using our transport service, we try to provide the best solution for your journey and try to provide a bus as per the client’s demand.


It can accommodate 10 PCs of luggage with 14 personal capacities for airport arrival and departure. It is very helpful for family, friends and small groups of up to 14 people for airport transfer, and hotel transfer services. We suggest 30 Seater coasters because of their economical nature and it is costless compared to other big luxury buses. 


  • The best coaster for group passenger transportation in Dubai, etc.
  • The Toyota coaster is the greatest option for family transportation and local tourism in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, thanks to its excellent design, functionality, and comfort.
  • The best bus for picnic transportation, the best coaster for group pick-up and drop-off, the best and bus for a tour of Dubai.
  • Perfectly designed with broad and comfortable seats, spacious place to move.


Types of service we offer:

Minibus rental dubai

30-seater bus rental Dubai

Coaster rental dubai

30-seater coaster rental in Dubai


Bus rental Dubai price:

  1. Dubai Airport Arrival / Departure 
  • Starting from 300AED  (Dubai airport parking not included)
  1. DWC airport arrival 
  • Starting from 300 AED
  1. One-way transfer to Dubai (within 30 KM)

Starting from 400 AED

  1. City tour Dubai 10 Hours:

Starting from 600 AED

  1. One-way transfer Abu Dhabi

   Starting from 600 AED

  1. Abu Dhabi airport arrival to Dubai

Starting from 650 AED

  1. Full-day City tour Abu Dhabi (10 Hours)

Starting from 700 AED

We provide 30 seater coaster rental with driver fuel salik and other parking charges excluding airport arrival parking charges which are 235 Dirham for one hour and 370 for 2 hours. This airport arrival parking must be bear by the clients. Book your airport ride with us and avoid and low-cost offer as we insured the best quality service by providing new and clean bus service to our clients.  Our drivers are very professional and are licensed as per the requirements of the laws and regulations in the UAE. They are also well familiar with geographical locations and have extensive knowledge of the cities. So do not hesitate if you want to reach any place at a specific time. 


The main question is how to hire a bus from us. It is very simple and easy to try to call us at 00971509107874 WhatsApp us at 00971509107874 and email us at info@tourbusrentaldubai.com. We are 24/7 available to provide the best solution for your bus rental needs.



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