07 Seater Previa


07-Seater Previa rental

Description: 07 Seater car rental with Driver

The 07 Seater car rental Dubai is a perfect option for small groups or families visiting Dubai who wishes to have a pleasant chauffeur service on a tight budget to see the UAE. A 7-seating car or Previa van is excellent for a group of no more than 6 persons. We are licensed to provide a choice of 06 Seater Car,) 7 Seater or 08 Seater car with driver and are fully insured including driver and passengers. Private car Hire is a good choice for a group of 03-06 people for a comfortable city tour and another service.

Our professional Drivers are familiar with geographical locations with multiple languages spoken like English Arabic and Urdu. 

Previa car rental is a good choice for a small family, friends and a group of 06 people. It can be used for a city tour, airport arrival, hotel-to-hotel transfer or any other event transfer service, tour sighting, special occasions, parties shuttle service, for airport arrival rental service, this car can be used for a maximum 3-4 person depending on the size of the luggage they hold.

It is a very compatible car with good AC and very soft seats used for long drive service. This Previa car is also used for VIP guests, players, and high management transfer service from one point to another point. It has the capacity for a maximum of 05 people for good tour service in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. It is a mini-budget car and a very cheap service than other private taxis.

We offer this Previa car for rent in Dubai and Abu Dhabi with Driver, fuel, Salik and parking fees. Airport parking fees are not included while renting a Private car with a driver. It can be used or booked either for half day (05 Hours) or full day Dubai and Abu Dhabi 10 hours. 


When you rent a Previa 7-Seater Van from us, you entirely remove the headache of coordinating several vehicle rental companies to fit your family or group in many automobiles, making it ideal for short day trips with a handful of individuals or a small family.

Why do we suggest you choose us to rent a 7-seat automobile or Previa van in Dubai or Sharjah? Why not combine every one in one best and most comfy Previa van if you are coordinating with carpool businesses to save time, effort, and cost on gas?

You’ll see each passenger has significantly more space in a personal van which is specifically made for independent candidates and a tiny group of families.


  • Get our 7-passenger van, which can easily fit up to 6 passengers.
  • It is perfect to travel with your children on a long or short journey, or 
  • Perfectly designed to carry friends for a vacation, tour, or 11 scenery, etc.
  • Seater Previa is just a fantastic option for a quick family holiday or a small group of friends.
  • Previa van’s fantastic design makes even long-distance excursions seem like short journeys. 
  • It provides you with all the room, luxury ride, and speedy transfer you need.
  • Book with us for affordable daily prices to rent a Previa 7-seater van or car in Dubai.

Types of service we offer:

06 seater car rental Dubai

07 Seater Previa rental Dubai

Mercedes Viano rental Dubai

7 Seater Mini VAN rental Dubai

08 Seater Car rental Dubai

Private Car rental Dubai

Dubai to Abu Dhabi Taxi service


Bus rental Dubai price:

  1. Dubai Airport Arrival / Departure 
  • Starting from 200 AED  (Dubai airport parking not included)
  1. DWC airport arrival 
  • Starting from 350 AED
  1. One-way transfer to Dubai (within 30 KM)

Starting from 200 AED

  1. City tour Dubai 10 Hours:

Starting from 500 AED

  1. One-way transfer Abu Dhabi

   Starting from 450 AED

  1. Abu Dhabi airport arrival to Dubai

Starting from 450 AED

  1. Full-day City tour Abu Dhabi (10 Hours)

Starting from 550 AED


MS Bus rental is a top-class Bus Hire Company that can provide from small Private car hiring to big luxury buses, Luxury VAN, luxury coaches, limousines and other minis Van and Minibuses. With multiple choices of fleets, our main focus is to facilitate our clients with good quality service with comfort. Offering small to medium and Large Buses used for different occasions like events and exhibitions, Weeding parties city sightseeing, corporate tours, lunch and dinners, and other service is part of our professionalism. 

The main question is how to hire a bus from us. It is very simple and easy by try to call us at 00971509107874 WhatsApp us at 00971509107874 and email us at info@tourbusrentaldubai.com. We are 24/7 available to provide the best solution of your bus rental needs.



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The Toyota Previa is the best option if you’re seeking for a multi-purpose, seven-seater car rental Dubai for all the different rental purposes, including arrival and departure, short trips and long trips, city tours, business meetings, and traveling across the UAE’s terrain. This car, which was created with a focus on pure elegance with a touch of sportiness, is magnificent to look at and will turn heads everywhere you go. The interiors of this car boast comfort, space, and redefined luxury while the exteriors are high on extravagance. The Toyota Previa is a distinctive vehicle with a clever sunroof and seating for seven people. Each passenger may enjoy magnificent views with the finest convenience. This jewel of a car is perfect for families and larger groups because it has various value-added amenities like dual power sliding doors, LED headlamps, and a power back door. Through cutting-edge safety features including SRS Airbags, Driver Shield, anti-lock brake systems, and smart vehicle controls, the Previa provides all-around protection. The Toyota Previa is equipped with a 2.4-liter engine that has a maximum output of 167 horsepower and a maximum torque of 224 Nm. With its automated 7-Speed the car guarantees a comfortable ride all the way through.