Luxury Van Rental Dubai


The main purposes to used either a luxury Van or Mini Van for rent in Dubai is Follow

Dubai Airport Transfer:

We have different types of Mini Van and Luxury VAN available for Dubai airport Transfer, Sharjah airport Transfer, and Abu Dhabi airport Transfer.

The maximum number can accommodate from 06-10 people depending on the size of the luggage. The luxury VAN Mercedes sprinter 17 Seater and 18 Seater can also accommodate less number of people but it will not accommodate big-size luggage due to its luxurious nature.

The price is also different as per the hotel and accommodation location from the airport ranging from 300-500 for Toyota Hiace rental including airport parking fees and 900-1200 for Mercedes sprinter. Abu Dhabi transfer is a bit higher but it also depends on the location. For further Quotation and other detail feel free to contact us.

Kindly note that there is also airport parking fees, which will be paid by the client and the cost is starting from 40 Dirham per hour. 

Toyota HI ace can accommodate up to 06 Pcs of Luggage and 08 people and it’s a cheap source for a small family or group of friends.

Point-to-Point Transfer:

The Toyota Hiace and Mercedes sprinter is a very good source of transportation to transfer family, friends, corporate staff, and guests from one point to another point for special purposes like weeding’s, Meeting, meet and greet lunch and dinner etc. 

For VIP class and elite class people Mercedes sprinter is very good class of fleets to provide transport service and transfer service from one location to another location. 

The Mini VAN and Luxury VAN mostly used for city to city transfer for different purposes and requirements of the clients.

City Sightseeing and Tour:

Either you are planning for Dubai city tour, Abu Dhabi city tour, Sharjah city tour, Ras Al Khamiah city tour, or Hatha city tour. We will provide you best transportation solution for small group of people up to 14 People.

The cheapest source is available in 8 Seater VAN, 12 Seater VAN and 14 Seater VAN while the luxury VAN available in 8 Seater, 14 Seater and 16 Seater Mercedes sprinter. 

City tour consists of 10 Hours while exceeding 10 hours there is per hour additional charges. 

Corporate Staff Pick and Drop Off service 

For corporate staff Toyota Hiace is cheap source to provide pick and drop off service from their accommodation to Company office location. The price is different from one location to another location. Sometime we offered VAN rental without Fuel and Salik and sometimes with Fuel and salik depending n the requirements of the clients. The maximum capacity Toyota Hiace can accommodate up to 14 Staff. 

Kindly note that Luxury VAN cannot be used for corporate staff pick and drop off. It can only be used on daily rental basis

Events, lunch and dinner, Weeding’s and Parties Transportation service.

Luxury VAN and Mini Van is good source of transport service for maximum 15 people to celebrate any event like Birthday parties, Weeding’s Corporate celebration, and many more. The cost is depending on various factors like size and nature of VAN want to hire, duration of renting and the location. Mercedes sprinter is usually very high in price starting from 1800 Dirham for full day 10 hours and half day 05 hours up to 1400 Dirham.

Mini Van Rental Abu Dhabi and Sharjah

Due to our wide ranges of fleets, we also provide Minibus rental and Mini VAN rental in Abu Dhabi for different purposes like, hotel transfer, airport transfer, lunch and dinner, City tour Abu Dhabi, Corporate Staff pick and drop off etc. compared to Dubai, bus rental prices are slightly high in Abu Dhabi.  Sometimes we provide buses from Dubai due to low number fleets available in Abu Dhabi for tour purposes. While transportation from Sharjah need special permission issued by the Road and Transport Authority Sharjah. 

Some other information to hire mini Van and Luxury VAN

  1. Luxury VAN should be hired at least 15 Days before the event while Mini Van and Toyota Hiace is available any time and can be booked on emergency basis
  2. Luxury VAN booking cancellation should be at least one week before the event while Mini Van can be called at least 10 hours before the pickup time
  3. Full day consist of 10 hours in Dubai while half day consist of 05 hours. While duration for other cities starting after pick up the Guests. The duration include pick up and drop off timing.
  4. Fleets are available in 07 Seater Mini Van, 08 Seater Mini VAN, 12 Seater Mini VAN and 14 Seater Mini VAN, while luxury VANs are Mercedes V class 08 eater, Mercedes Sprinter, 14 Seater, 16 Seater and 18 seater.

Some rules which must be followed by the guests.

  1. Smoking Food and drinks is prohibited inside the bus as per the UAE laws
  2. Louder music is also prohibited inside the bus as per the UAE laws
  3. Standing inside the bus and dancing is also prohibited as per the UAE laws
  4. All passengers are responsible for their luggage and other material inside the bus. In case of missing, kindly inform the driver immediately.
  5. Before drop off at the hotel or airport, kindly make sure that all the luggage and other material are other belongings are collected and no other material is left inside the bus.

Fleets available for rent

07 Seater Mini Van rental Dubai

08 Seater Van rental Dubai

12 Seater Van rental Dubai

14 Seater Van rental Dubai

16 Seater Luxury Van rental Dubai

18 Seater Luxury Van rental Dubai

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